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KINROSS Tasiast Mine

KINROSS Tasiast Mine

KINROSS Tasiast Mine

KINROSS Tasiast Mine

Location: Mauritania, West Africa
Industry: Mining
Door Model: HDC-DD, HDLX9
Challenge: Resist sandstorms and keep door maintenance to a minimum


Mauritania regularly experiences sandstorms of variable intensity from January to March, which is why the Kinross gold mine and truck shop in the middle of the Sahara desert had a special requirement: prevent sandstorms from entering their mines while keeping maintenance costs and door downtime to a minimum.The Kinross mine site also had a very harsh working environment with large gear occasionally colliding with it With the doors, it was imperative that the doors withstand the impacts and be easily repositioned for immediate operation after any incident.

Kinross also asked the seller to provide a solid wooden packaging to protect the doors during shipping, followed by a 240-kilometer road transport on pavements in poor condition. Other special conditions of the customer include loading doors into open top containers from the Barrie plant in Ontario, Canada.

Door Size & Quantity

40 doors, varying in size from 8’x10’ up to 39’x30’
Models HDC-DD, HDXL9

Our Solution

Our rubber rolling doors have been chosen for their perfect fit, allowing for minimal infiltration and simple but effective operation in harsh conditions HDXL and HDC-DD doors have SBR rubber curtains with polyester core woven, making doors flexible yet resistant to harsh environments, even with the extreme temperatures of the Sahara Easy to mount and requiring low maintenance, Our doors have proven to be ideal for Kinross's needs.

Our ability to reconcile project management with the customer's unique shipping requirements was as critical to the success of the solution as reliable and robust high-performance doors.

Company Certificate
No. CAN1939