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    Years of Industrial and Commercial Door Experience

  • We take pride in introducing you to TNR Doors. Emerging as a leading name in the marketplace, our dedicated team has over 435 years of combined experience in the commercial and industrial high performance door industry. With over 50 years of combined experience specifically in engineering and applications problem solving, a new and evolving generation of high performance roll-up doors has been brought to market, meeting the specific needs of businesses worldwide.

    Focus on Customer Success

    Customer success is our team goal. We want to earn valued word-of-mouth business because our doors help keep our customers’ costs down and business moving. We know that ‘built to your needs’ industrial and commercial doors that are easy to use plus have a long life at a competitive price will be valuable to all our customers.


Mission Statement: “Going The Distance”

  • Nurture an enlightened and progressive workplace with supportive people relations.
  • Foster teamwork, support ongoing people training and development and provide effective communication. The benefits of company success will be shared by everyone.
  • Provide innovative products and services that meet the evolving needs of our dealers and customers. We will be recognised as the company of choice in the high-performance door market.
  • Grow and maintain a competent, loyal and successful distribution network.
  • Provide effective marketing and sales tools, meet our customers’ service expectations and help them be successful.
  • Manage our business using the continuous improvement process. We will improve our processes to ensure that we achieve the lowest overall cost and the maximum possible return for all stakeholders Strong supply chain relationships will be fostered. Achievable, aggressive performance targets will be set for all parts of the company.
  • Ensure that our team has the facilities and resources to meet the needs of our customers.
  • Always conduct ourselves within the spirit and intent of our core values.
  • Act responsibly within the community at large.

Core Values

  • Our customers and suppliers are treated with respect and integrity. We value the commitment that they have placed in us.
  • We approach each other with honesty, care, and mutual respect. We foster a fun team environment that allows everyone to contribute his or her knowledge and expertise. We fulfill our potential through continually learning.
  • The TNR team acts ethically at all times and conducts itself responsibly within the community at large.

“This is a letter of thanks for all the hard work you and the staff of TNR have done over the past couple of years. Your knowledgeable and professional approach to sales and engineering are the tools that help us out-perform the competition.”

- Rick Byers, Accurate Overhead Limited


Company Certificate
No. CAN1939