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Location: Nunavut, Canada – Arctic Circle
Industry: Mining - Iron Ore
Door Model: HDE, HDL, HDXL (41 Doors)
Challenge: Install before the arrival of a harsh winter


The Baffinland Iron Mine is a new iron ore mine in the Canadian Arctic, well above the Arctic Circle, requiring forty-one high-performance, heavy-duty, high-performance gates for this mine. for service in extreme cold conditions The harsh environment included possible door impacts as heavy vehicles frequently used this route to enter and exit the building.

In addition to the challenge of the high number of doors, Baffinland required their manufacture, shipping and installation before the arrival of a harsh winter.

Door Size & Quantity

41 door, varying in size from 14’x20’ up to 30’x23’

TNR Solution

TNR industrial doors have been chosen for their sleek design, impact resistance and TNR's high reputation in the mining industry. TNR has responded to Baffinland's tight turnaround times for door manufacturing. Similarly, TNR was able to coordinate sea freight to ship the doors directly to the mine site in order to complete the installation of the doors before the arrival of winter.

Company Certificate
No. CAN1939