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LONE STAR Cold Storage

LONE STAR Cold Storage

LONE STAR Cold Storage

Location: Richardson, Texas
Industry: Food distribution center / refrigerated storage
Door Model: HDT, High Traffic Doors
Challenge: Significant temperature differences, constant frost formation, door clutter, high traffic flow


Pull-out freezers are a real challenge for rolled steel, roll-up doors and even fabric doors, and temperatures are usually between -10 ° F (-23 ° C) on the inside and below freezing temperatures of -30 to -40 ° F (-34 to -40 ° C) on the outside.

These low temperatures are necessary to ensure that the products remain frozen during transportation abroad. Unfortunately, such temperatures also cause frost problems on conventional doors. Blocking the doors and frosting the panels causes headaches and risks to the safety of the operator.

Door Size & Quantity

Door Size (16’ – 0” x 17’ – 0”), 4 doors

Our Solution

With our HDT model, we solve these problems - this door is equipped with a heavy duty 0.25" (6.35mm) thick EPDM rubber curtain that is rated for continuous use -40 to -50 ° F (-40 to -45 ° C) The EPDM curtain remains flexible and fastens to enter the guides during the closing cycle, unlike conventional products, this curtain prevents any formation Frost.

For the flawless operation of the door, other items must be included in the order, including:

  1. A BMH rectifier to keep the brake warm and frost free
  2. Synthetic oil and a heat sink in the transmission
  3. A heating tape in the limiter and wall mounting panel.
Company Certificate
No. CAN1939
Company Certificate
No. CAN1939