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Stadiums & Arenas

Stadiums & Arenas

Stadiums & Arenas

Location: Large stadiums and arenas across North America
Industry: Renovation upgrades / Ventilation / Security / Stadium parking entrances / exits
Door Model: HD SERIES High Performance Rubber Doors
Challenge: To handle high volumes of people, automobiles, delivery vehicles, transport trucks, and large specialty equipment.


In the United States, there are more than 100 stadiums with a capacity of 50,000 spectators. In the United States and Canada combined, there are another 150 stadiums with a capacity of 20,000 spread across the continent and concentrated around dense urban centers with large populations.

The common thread is that these facilities handle high volumes of people, automobiles, delivery vehicles, transport trucks, and large specialty equipment (Zambonis, for example).

Our Solution

In these metropolitan areas, the application of the HD SERIES rubber doors on stadiums and arenas is a logical fit. For these venues, because the HD SERIES rubber doors are fast, durable and reliable, they’re the perfect solution to handle high daily cycles. Better yet, facility managers recognize that these qualities help to reduce HVAC energy costs, downtime and maintenance costs.

Over the past 18 years, Hörmann's dealer partners in many North American cities have installed our doors on several high-profile stadiums and arenas. In these applications, the doors are usually installed on high-traffic loading docks and delivery doorways. A unique feature of stadium/arena applications is that the delivery doors often need to be much wider than the delivery trucks because there is often not enough space on the street beside the venue to allow long transport trucks to back straight in. Due to narrow roadways within the dense urban environment, the trucks need to back in on a wide angle, requiring a much wider doorway. Additionally, these venues are often host to a wide variety of other special events such as monster truck shows, circuses and concerts, which require access for large equipment and oversized freight loads. For this reason, extra large door openings are needed, and usually a high-speed rubber door makes the most sense.

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