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A History of Success

“Having a history of success with TNR doors for our blast booth really helped. Compared to competitors’ doors, TNR’s springless design for a big door was attractive and the door guides were beefier. We initially had pushback from management on the cost but the favorable ROI and increased safety were key justifications.”

Scott Leis, Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor, Broadwind Towers

A Letter of Thanks

“This is a letter of thanks for all the hard work you and the staff of TNR have done over the past couple of years. The doors and products that you produce are in my opinion, the best on the market today. Your knowledgeable and professional approach to sales and engineering are the tools that help us out-perform the competition.”

Rick Byers, Accurate Overhead Limited

A Vote of Confidence

“Thank you very much for the manual. The boys just finished the installation. I have one comment… WOW! From the shipping crate to the final touches and everything in between. The installers and I could not find a single area that needed improvement. It has been a pleasure working with you and product.”

Mike Moores, GMS Sarnia

Thank You!

"In April 2007, Grubb & Ellis Management Services in Chicago, IL purchased a TNR rubber roll-up door system for one of their properties. The following month, this door was impacted by a truck and we were delighted to receive the following news. 'I just wanted to let you know we had our first incident of a truck hitting the door. The door did as it was supposed to – reset without putting in a service call! What sometimes took $7,000 – $11,000 for one emergency repair took one minute to repair. The door was well worth it!!!!!! Thank you!' "

Grubb & Ellis Management Services

Better Than the Competition

“TNR Doors are well designed and ideal for high traffic areas. TNR has thought out how to make these doors work very well. Many companies have benefitted by using these doors, saving on repair costs. I highly recommend them to any food company that has door issues at their plants! I personally think this product is much better than other doors in the marketplace. Bravo to TNR for being one step better than the competition! I have been in the door business for over 8 years so I can attest to the true integrity of TNR’s doors for industrial plants, parking garages and in the food industry.”

Tom Hebbes, Sales and Customer Business Development - Derma Meats

Replace the Conventional

“Repeated and expensive repairs and replacement parts and the associated headaches were the main drivers in choosing a heavy duty TNR rubber door to replace the conventional sectional door in our parking garage.“

Michal Tomaszewski, Bayshore Property Management

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