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    Doorways in your operation are inevitable – it's what you put in them that makes a difference

Rubber doors from TNR Doors are the ideal choice for low-headroom parking garage applications. Our rubber roll-up parking doors are designed and built with a proprietary rubber curtain, Newgen® aluminum guide and CurtainLok™ system. This unique design allows for a simple and reliable low-profile header, which can be retrofitted into parking garages with very limited headroom.

Our parking garage doors can be installed in applications with headroom as low as 13 inches. This makes our doors the best choice for underground parking garages, hotels, conference centers, condominiums, or any other structure with limited headroom and high cycle demands.

The high-performance rubber roll-up doors from TNR Doors utilize a design that eliminates hinges, cables, pulleys, and tension springs. This approach to roll-up door design minimizes maintenance requirements and simplifies installation, all while providing door speeds of up to 30” per second.
Traditional metal doors run slower and require replacement parts after an accidental vehicular collision. But not ours! Our ¼” thick rubber doors are equipped with a patented “knock-away” bar, so they’re able to handle full impact from a vehicle, with very little downtime and low repair costs.

Browse our low-headroom parking garage rubber doors now. Offering unparalleled reliability, durability, and ease-of-use, TNR Doors has the ideal door solution for your business!

TNR Springless Low Headroom Industrial Door

Model HDLH

Extra Low Headroom Parking Door

TNR Springless Low Headroom Industrial Door

Model HDP

Low Headroom Parking Door



  • 1/4" SBR rubber, polyester core weave remains functional in temperatures -40ºF to +180ºF
  • Limited Lifetime warranty on curtain and NEWGEN Guide System. 2-year warranty on all other parts & workmanship.
  • Patented NEWGEN Guide and Curtain Lok System. After an impact the door is up and running in minutes.
  • Sleek profile, easy installation, reduced clearances & minimal maintenance. No hinges, cables, pulleys or tension springs.
  • Heavy Duty industrial drive system with soft start / soft stop frequency inverter drive (except on manual doors).
  • Self-supporting steel frame, Knock-away bottom bar, thru-beam photoelectric safety sensor.
Company Certificate
No. CAN1939