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    Doorways in your operation are inevitable – it's what you put in them that makes a difference

Model HDC / Model HDC-DD

High Cycle Rubber Doors

For manufacturing, transportation or distribution businesses that require high-cycle industrial doors, TNR Doors is undoubtedly the best choice around. Whether you’re installing a door in a processing plant, warehouse or maintenance building, our high-performance doors are more reliable and faster than traditional sectional industrial doors.

High-cycle rubber doors from TNR Doors are built for reliability, speed, and performance. Whether you choose a direct drive or chain drive system, our high-cycle doors eliminate the need for counterbalance springs, which dramatically increases the lifespan of the roll-up door system.

Our proprietary door design, combined with a Direct Drive Operator, eliminates the need for chains and sprockets. Thus, enabling our high-cycle doors to achieve opening speeds of up to 48” per second, depending on the size of the industrial door opening.

Crafted using ¼” SBR rubber reinforced with a polyester core weave, our durable rubber doors offer peak performance in conditions from -40°F to +180°F, making them suitable for even the harshest environments, like steel mills, foundries and other industrial operations.

Take a look at our high-performance doors today, and revolutionize the way your business operates. With a proven history and a lifetime warranty on the key parts of the door, TNR Doors has the best high-cycle rubber roll-up doors in the business!

High Cycle Rubber Roll Up Industrial Doors from TNR

Model HDC

High Cycle Rubber Doors

High Cycle Rubber Roll Up Industrial Doors

Models HDC-DD / HDL-DD

High Cycle Rubber Doors



  • 1/4" SBR rubber, polyester core weave remains functional in temperatures -40ºF to +180ºF
  • Limited Lifetime warranty on curtain and NEWGEN Guide System. 2-year warranty on all other parts & workmanship.
  • Patented NEWGEN Guide and Curtain Lok System. After an impact the door is up and running in minutes.
  • Sleek profile, easy installation, reduced clearances & minimal maintenance. No hinges, cables, pulleys or tension springs.
  • Heavy Duty industrial drive system with soft start / soft stop frequency inverter drive (except on manual doors).
  • Self-supporting steel frame, Knock-away bottom bar, thru-beam photoelectric safety sensor.
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