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  • Which Door is Best for My Application? A Guide to Buying High Performance Doors

Which Door is Best for My Application? A Guide to Buying High Performance Doors

Which Door is Best for My Application? A Guide to Buying High Performance Doors

Choosing the right high-performance door for your specific application is no easy feat.

There are so many factors to take into consideration. For example, the application environment, industry, purpose of the door, temperature requirements, clearance requirements and climate, among many others. Luckily, you have the guidance and knowledge of the experts at TNR® Doors to help you along the way. The information in this article can provide you with a great start to finding the perfect industrial door for your application.

Mining and Industrial

No matter the rugged, harsh environments that the high-performance rubber roll-up doors from TNR® Doors may encounter, they are well-equipped for the job. Built with some of the most robust and durable materials available, these doors are designed specifically for the mining, petroleum and gas and heavy manufacturing.

The best industrial doors for mining and heavy industry are:

These doors are best suited for processing and maintenance buildings for mining, petroleum, military, agriculture, pulp and paper, and steel applications. The maximum size that these doors are available in is 55 feet in width and 35 feet in height, with door speeds up to 48 inches per second.

Food and Beverage

TNR® Doors uses some of the most modern and innovative designs and technology when creating interior fabric doors. This means that the doors have quite a few uses and many, many, benefits, including high door speeds, superb environmental separation, durability, strength, and low maintenance.

TNR’s industrial fabric doors for the food and beverage industries are:

The CHILLFAST door is an insulated fabric door that offers an advanced performance in regards to temperature regulation and energy efficiency in a commercial freezer and cooler application. Fully-equipped with an insulated and reinforced vinyl curtain, CHILLFAST is built to endure the cold temperatures and high cycles. High-performance freezer/cooler doors can help reduce food waste, maintain freshness and preserve product and process quality.

Parking and Automotive

When it comes to underground parking, chances are you will have limited headroom to work with and a very high cycle application to accommodate. That’s when rubber parking doors from TNR® Doors can really come in handy!

These doors are designed specifically for applications with tight headroom such as condominiums, office complexes, public parking garages, airports, and hotels. These doors offer a minimum headroom clearance as low as 13 inches!

The best rubber doors for the parking and automotive industries are:

Logistics and Transportation

There are so many business segments that can benefit from industrial high-performance roll-up doors, and logistics and transportation is no exception! Designed to withstand accidental vehicle impacts and reset easily, rubber roll-up doors are a good investment for application in bus transit terminals, railways, postal, airports, and more!

With reduced maintenance and replacement parts costs, these doors provide a substantial return on investment as well as a long service life.

The best high-performance rubber doors for the logistics and transportation industries are:

This guide provides an overview of what high-performance doors are available for various business segments. If you require industrial doors, high-speed security doors, roll-up doors, or heavy-duty fabric doors, contact our Sales representative in your region for friendly and knowledgeable advice about TNR® Doors today!

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