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TNR's Park-King Garage Doors

TNR's Park-King Garage Doors

For decades now the features of a high performance TNR rubber door have been realized to be of significant benefit in mining, heavy industry, transportation and waste transfer where extremely harsh environments and large vehicular access demand a durable door designed to withstand tough conditions. Time and time again, TNR rubber doors have proven to provide reliability and reduce operating and maintenance costs for these businesses. Should the door accidentally be hit by a vehicle, its patented design allows it to break away from the side guides, undamaged. With basic tools and a few standard fasteners, an impacted TNR door is typically operational again in minutes.

About six or seven years after TNR began supplying rubber doors to mining and industry, our customers realized that those same features would benefit parking garage door applications and as a result, we started selling more and more doors in parking applications.

Approximately nine years ago, the TNR rubber door design was specifically tailored to provide similar benefits in a more urban environment for parking garage doors in office towers, condominiums and apartment buildings. The biggest design challenge for the original model HDP Parking Door was to reduce the headroom requirement of the door from 25 to 18 inches since most parking garages have very low ceilings. Without a reduced headroom design, the rubber door would simply not fit in a parking application. Secondly, the HDP's high-cycle springless drive system handles the high volume of traffic typically associated with parking garages. In busy parking garages, it is not unusual to see 400-500 cycles per day as hundreds of tenants and employees come and go at least once a day!

As the demand for the HDP rubber parking door continued to grow in the last five years, headroom restrictions continue to tighten up as architects optimize space with low ceilings, along with running service pipes and conduit through parking garages. TNR engineers went back to the drawing board and with the 2017 launch of the HDLH Extra-Low Headroom Park-King™ Door, were able to further reduce the door's headroom down to just 13 inches!

In its first year alone, the HDLH has sold over $1.3 million and is a rapidly increasing part of TNR's business. Focused advertising in trade magazines and promotion at parking industry trade shows will help to spread the application of rubber doors in urban centers across North America and TNR anticipates continued growth in the parking industry in years to come.

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