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TNR Largest Door

TNR Largest Door

TNR accomplished building our biggest door ever! Our amazing Production team takes great pride in building this massive door for a waste facility in Brampton, Ontario.

Some stats to help you understand its enormous size:

Door Opening size, 55 feet wide x 30 feet high

Truss, 2427 pounds

Curtain, 4621 pounds

Drive Barrel, 6006 pounds

Bottom Bar, 1908 pounds

Guide Assemblies, 1867 pounds

Spring Assemblies, 3314 pounds

Special Door Skid, 1911 pounds

Total Shipping Weight 25,230 pounds. That’s 12.6 tons of TNR terrific-ness!

We hired a crane to load it onto a flatbed truck for transport to Brampton where another crane will unload it on-site.

Company Certificate
No. CAN1939