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TNR Doors Press Release

Summer 2019

TNR Recognized by IDA with Industry Member Service Award

Each year, as part of the IDA Expo, the International Door Association (doors.org) recognizes the outstanding achievements of their dealer and industry members at the President’s Awards Banquet.

This year, the IDA Nominations and Heritage Committee selected TNR Industrial Doors as the recipient of the IDA Industry Member Service Award. The Award was recently presented to TNR at the IDA Expo in Indianapolis in March 2019. Founding member of TNR and International Sales Manager, Wayne Carr, had the honour of accepting the award on behalf of TNR Doors.

TNR Doors looks forward to continuing as an active IDA member for many years to come

TNR Doors’ Cathy Buckingham Retiring

As founder and President of TNR Industrial Doors since it was established in 2003, Cathy Buckingham has led TNR through phenomenal growth and success. Cathy has been the key to assembling and inspiring a successful team and building a leading high performance door company for more than 15 years.

In March, Cathy announced that she will be retiring and that Marcus von Reden will begin working with Cathy at TNR Doors beginning in May 2019. After mentoring with Cathy, Marcus will take over the leadership role at TNR when Cathy retires in 2020.

For the past two years, Marcus has been Business Development Manager & International Project Manager for Hörmann where he has worked closely with TNR’s senior management team integrating TNR into the Hörmann Group and developing TNR’s international opportunities through Hörmann VKG’s global network. Marcus has an MBA from Spain’s renowned IE Business School and has held several business management positions in various German companies.

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