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TNR Doors Giving Back to Home Community – Barrie

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Monday, November 7, 2016 was a council meeting to remember. Mayor Jeff Lehman recognized TNR Doors and other business leaders who made the Barrie Waterfront path exercise equipment project a reality.

The inspiration for this project came from Drew Dekker and Craig Bush of Busch Systems, but many local businesses like TNR Doors enthusiastically supported their idea and jumped at the chance to help. The goal of the project was to install fitness equipment along the waterfront path to act as a park of sorts that can be used by all community members, and to capitalize on the views at Barrie’s waterfront.

The whole project was funded, planned and coordinated by the team of local businesses in coordination with City Staff, and the exercise equipment was installed along the waterfront in the fall of 2015.

Several workout stations located all around the south, west and north shores of Kempenfelt Bay have become well used by citizens and visitors to Barrie’s waterfront, allowing people who use the path to walk, jog, bike or wheel for exercise to stop and workout at the various stations. The stations have a modern design for optimal functionality, durability, low maintenance and great aesthetics.

As pictured above, Bob Adams, Manager of Finance/IT at TNR Doors, was at the council meeting to accept the certificate of recognition from Mayor Jeff Lehman on behalf of our entire team here at TNR Doors. While we are happy to accept the certificate, the best recognition we have received is seeing members of our community enjoying the exercise equipment.

TNR Doors is proud to have been part of making this project a reality and giving back to the community.

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