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TNR Acquired by Hörmann Group

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August 14, 2017

Barrie, ON, August 14, 2017– It gives us great pleasure to announce that TNR Industrial Doors has been sold to the Hörmann Group, effective August 9, 2017. TNR will work together with Hörmann HPD based in Pennsylvania to supply high performance doors to the North American and international markets.

The Hörmann Group is a family owned business run by Christoph, his brother Martin and father Thomas Hörmann. Thomas’ father, Hermann Hörmann, started the company in 1935 and Hörmann has grown to become one of the largest door manufacturing companies in the world. Hörmann is headquartered in Germany and have manufacturing operations and sales offices in thirty countries worldwide.

“Becoming part of the Hörmann Group is a very promising step for the future of TNR - it ensures that our customers continue to have a great company to do business with while maintaining our strong reputation for quality products and service.” explained Cathy Buckingham, TNR’s President and CEO.

Ms. Buckingham continued, “We look forward to being part of the Hörmann Group. Hörmann has world class engineering departments that will help us accelerate our product development and improvements. We are convinced that all of our customers will benefit from the Hörmann Group’s experience, expertise and strength.”

At their Barrie location on the day of signing the deal, Ms. Buckingham stated, “TNR Industrial Doors’ management team, operations, customer service and sales force will continue to operate as they have in the past, offering you the first class support you have come to expect from TNR. I will remain in my position as President and CEO of the company. It will be “business as usual” as all TNR product lines will remain in production, all jobs will be maintained and we will continue to bring you quality products with short lead times at competitive prices.”


For further information please call TNR at 1-866-792-9968 or visit our website – TNRdoors.com – to learn more, or email us at .

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