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Parts Department Changes

Parts Department Changes

TNR Doors takes pride in our customer service and being responsive to our dealers so that you can effectively service your customers. We also foster a continuous improvement environment and we strive to get better every day! Effective May 1st, 2017, we have changed to better serve you.

Mat Houle will be taking over parts quoting and orders for all of our USA accounts. Mat’s contact information is:

  • Mat Houle
  • 866 792-9968 x 264

Tracy Thorn will be responsible for all Canadian and International parts sales. Tracy’s contact information is:

  • Tracy Thorn
  • 866 792-9968 x 221

Reminders for Fast Order Turnaround

  • Quote and Order Acknowledgement turnaround will be 24 to 48 hours provided the information given on existing door is complete and accurate.
  • Parts orders will not be processed without a purchase order.
  • Minimum order is $75.00 (excluding taxes and freight).
  • When requesting a quote on an existing TNR door please provide the TNR Doors serial number. This will be in the format of TNR-XX-XXXX and can be found on one of four places on most TNR door models (mounting channel, end plate, control panel and motor) as well as on the service manual cover.
  • M & I Doors – provide door size, handing and serial number (found in same locations as TNR).
  • Breakaway Doors – we offer a retro-fit kit for all Breakaway models. Please provide same information as M & I Doors.
  • Other models – call Mat or Tracy to see if we can offer the parts that you require.

Operators for non TNR Doors (GFA/FDG or RCG) – provide a picture of the Operator motor plate and the Gear Box plate (for GFA only) as well as door model, size and handing.

Example of GFA Gear Box plate:
GFA Gear Box plate
Example of GFA Motor plate:
GFA Motor plate
Example of FDG or RCG Operator Motor plate:
FDG or RCG Operator Motor plate

Information Required for On Time Shipments

TNR is happy to tell you that sales are currently very strong and our factory is quite busy producing your orders! We thank you for your continued business. We would like to remind all our customers of the important information required when placing an order. This will help ensure all shipments meet the required shipping dates and minimize any delays.

  • Provide Preferred Carrier
  • Specify if shipping Collect or 3rd Party(if 3rd party account number and address is required)
  • Ship to Address (on site deliveries)
  • Contact Name & Phone Number
  • Federal ID Number (on new accounts only)
  • Any Special Shipping Instructions
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