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Four Benefits of Installing Rubber Doors in Your Parking Garage

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Commercial and industrial roll-up doors can be built using a wide variety of materials. From aluminum and steel, to vinyl and fabric, each material offers its own set of benefits. But there’s something about rubber roll-up doors that make them a very desirable choice for parking garage applications. The rubber roll-up doors from TNR® Doors can be customized for just about any parking garage application, with many different access control options available. Whether for a condominium, office tower or public parking facility, TNR®’s Park-King doors can reduce downtime, save money and increase reliability. Here are four key benefits of a high-performance rubber roll-up parking garage door.

1. Low Profile Design for Low Headroom

The Park-King doors from TNR® Doors have a unique design that allows for a simple and reliable low-profile header, which can be retrofitted into parking garages that typically have very limited headroom.

In fact, our model HDLH parking garage door can be installed in applications with headroom as low as 13 inches. This makes our doors the best choice for underground parking garages, hotels, conference centres, condominiums, or any other structure with limited headroom and high-cycle demands.

2. Durability & Longevity

When you invest in a high-performance rubber roll-up door from TNR® Doors, you’re making an investment that generates a great return on investment. Gone are the days of repeated downtime, repairs, replacements and headaches. TNR®’s Park-King doors are built with a proprietary durable rubber curtain and patented CurtainLok™ system, originally designed to withstand the extreme pressures from blasting deep down in mines.

Combined with a heavy-duty steel frame construction and knock-away bottom bar design, this door can withstand repeated vehicle impact and continue to work long after sectional steel doors would need to be replaced. In the long run, a high-performance rubber roll-up door in your parking garage will save you money and headaches, with minimal repair and downtime required.

3. Springless High Performance

The high-performance rubber roll-up doors from TNR® Doors utilize a design that eliminates hinges, cables, pulleys, and tension springs. This approach to roll-up door design minimizes maintenance requirements and simplifies installation, all while providing door speeds of up to 30 inches per second.

The demands of high-cycle doors, like those in parking garages, can wear out springs in a short time. Replacement costs money and creates downtime, while service calls are made and the door is repaired. A springless high-performance door avoids this providing greater reliability at a reduced cost.

4. Security & Protection

A high-speed door helps ensure that no persons or vehicles will sneak in behind a car that is legitimately entering the parking garage as the door closes. High-speed, combined with a wide range of access controls and electronic security accessories ensure that your garage entrance is secure and protected from intrusion. These Park-King door features combined with a typical building security system can make a great security team!

Want to learn more about our commercial and industrial rubber roll-up doors? Contact our team of experts at TNR® Doors today!

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