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COVID-19 - Response Update

COVID-19 - Response Update
In our region we have moved into Stage 2 of the Framework for Opening the Province of Ontario. More businesses and workplaces are being allowed to operate while following proper health and safety guidelines. At TNR we have remained open during the COVID-19 pandemic, closely following all precautions and health and safety guidelines recommended by our government.
We want to thank our entire team and all of our dealers and suppliers for standing by us throughout these times to ensure we stay safe, healthy and operational.
Starting July 6, 2020, we will move to our next step at TNR. By introducing additional health and safety measures we will bring the rest of our team, who have been working remotely over the past few months, back into the office. We will continue to follow all recommendations of our Public Health agencies, ensuring that the health and safety of our employees and dealers remains our number one priority during these times.

For updated information from the Public Health Agency of Canada, see www.canada.ca/en/public-health.html
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