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Catch Up With TNR! Case Study: KINROSS Tasiast Mine

Kinross Mine, West Africa

KINROSS Tasiast Mine

TNR takes pride in solving the challenges our customers face with innovative products and custom solutions. Recently, we provided a customer in West Africa a complete solution to deal with the sandstorms of varying intensities at their mine site.

Location – Mauritania, West Africa
Industry – Mining
Challenge – Keep the sand storms out and keep door maintenance to a minimum
Door Model – HDC‐DD and HDXL9


Mauritania frequently experiences sandstorms of varying intensity, from January to March. Because of this, the Kinross gold mine and truck shop in the middle of the Sahara Desert had a very special requirement: keep the sand storms out of their mine facilities while minimizing door maintenance cost and down time. The Kinross mine site also presented a very rugged work environment with large mining vehicles occasionally hitting the doors. It was imperative that the doors for this project could withstand an impact and easily be reset and back in operation quickly. Kinross also specified the vendor to provide heavy timber packaging to protect these doors for shipment by sea, followed by road transportation over 150 miles of poorly maintained desert roads. Another special customer requirement was to load the doors into open‐top containers at point of manufacture in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

TNR Solution

TNR’s rubber roll up doors were chosen due to their tight door fit with minimal infiltration and the simple, yet effective operation in rugged conditions. The HDXL and HDC‐DD have SBR rubber curtains with polyester core weave making the doors flexible but still resistant to abusive environments, even in the extreme temperatures of the Sahara Desert. TNR doors, being easy to install and requiring minimal maintenance, also proved ideal for Kinross’ needs. TNR’s ability to accommodate the project management and special shipping requirements of the customer were as critical to a successful solution as reliable and robust high-performance doors.

Door Size and Quantity

40 doors, varying in sizes from 8’x10’ up to 39’x30’
Models HDC‐DD, HDXL9 For further information please call Wayne Carr at 705-522-8880 or click here to learn more.

KINROSS Tasiast Mine KINROSS Tasiast Mine

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