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Auto-Reversing & Door Activation Options

Auto-Reversing & Door Activation Options

All TNR doors with electric operators are supplied with a pressure sensitive reversing edge with a wireless connection to the control panel and a set of thru-beam infrared photo-eyes.

Although high performance doors are not intended for pedestrian traffic and, by code, do not require automatic reversing devices, TNR includes these standard devices to reduce the chance of accidental property damage.

In most applications, these standard devices will provide sufficient damage protection. However, door hazards vary significantly depending on the application. It is up to the expertise of the dealer installing the door to determine the automation and activation devices required for the specific application and ensure that those devices are installed and setup to function correctly.

To support this need, TNR offers a wide range of additional automation and activation accessories:

  • Motion Sensors
  • Motion/Presence Sensors
  • Loop Detectors
  • Photo-eyes

Be sure to ask TNR to quote these types of accessories as needed.

NOTE! - TNR is not responsible for proper application, setup, maintenance and periodic testing of automation and activation devices. Any modifications to the automatic reversing circuits or devices supplied by TNR is the responsibility of the dealer installing the door system

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