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Baffinland Iron Mine



Location: Manitowoc, Wisconsin & Abilene, Texas
Industry: Wind Energy / tower section assembly
Challenge: large equipment impacting horizontal sliding doors – safety, downtime, cold work area
Door Model: HDXL9, HDL23-DD, HDC-DD (7 doors)


An existing large yacht storage building was converted to a windmill tower production facility. The large space was perfect for fabricating and assembling massive sections of towers in preparation for shipment to field installation. However, the horizontal sliding doors required 3-4 men to open, frequently struggling with ice and snow in the door tracks; one time dislodging the door completely. This was a serious worker safety concern as well as an inefficient operation. Several other types of large hangar doors were considered for similar cost, however lead times were much longer than for a TNR door.

Door Size & Quanitity

Door Size & Quantity

HDXL9 (32’-0” x 34’-1”), 2 doors
HDXL9 (28’-0” x 26’-0”), 1 door
HDL23-DD (18’-0” x 22’-0”), 2 doors
HDC-DD (24’-0” x 24’-0”), 2 doors

TNR Solution

Broadwind already had a very positive recent history with TNR doors in a blast booth application. The doors had proven to have a tight seal, were low maintenance and had the ability to withstand accidental impact. The heavy duty doors would accommodate the large equipment used to move tower sections in and out of the building. Broadwind’s concern about windload was quickly put to rest with TNR’s 90 mph rating. TNR’s heavy duty door construction and springless design were key features for the operations team.

Management’s initial apprehension for the cost of these large doors was allayed when safety risk and ROI was fully reviewed.


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