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Broadwind Towers

Broadwind Towers

Broadwind Towers

Broadwind Towers

Location: Manitowoc, Wisconsin & Abilene, Texas
Industry: Wind energy / wind turbine sections
Door Model: HDXL9, HDL23-DD, HDC-DD (7 doors)
Challenge: Large vehicles that influence horizontal sliding doors - safety, downtime, cold work space


A large yacht storage building has been converted into a wind generation unit. This huge space was perfect for manufacturing and assembling massive sections of towers awaiting shipment to the installation site. However, opening horizontal sliding doors required 3-4 workers who regularly wrestled with frost and snow in the guide rails. The door has even come out of its tracks completely. This situation created a recurring security problem for employees and inefficient operation. Other types of large hangar doors were considered with similar prices, but the preparation times were much longer than for the TNR gate.

Door Size & Quantity

HDXL9 (32’-0” x 34’-1”), 2 doors
HDXL9 (28’-0” x 26’-0”), 1 door
HDL23-DD (18’-0” x 22’-0”), 2 doors
HDC-DD (24’-0” x 24’-0”), 2 doors

TNR Solution

Broadwind has also had a very good experience with TNR gates for its blast cabinet application, with the doors being waterproof, low maintenance and able to withstand accidental impacts. Heavy-duty doors have supported the important means of service used to move goods inside and outside the building.With the 90 mph (145 km / h) class of TNR gates, Broadwind's doubts wind loads were quickly swept away Heavy-duty door construction and TNR spring-free design were key factors for the operation team.

The initial understanding of cost management for these large format doors was dispelled when the risk analysis and cost-effectiveness were fully examined.

Company Certificate
No. CAN1939