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Oyu Tolgoi Mine

Oyu Tolgoi Mine

Oyu Tolgoi Mine

Oyu Tolgoi Mine

Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – Gobi Desert
Industry: Mining – Copper, Gold, Silver
Door Model: HDXL9 (also previously HDT, HDL45)
Challenge: Very tall doors to be mounted to a thick concrete wall (no steel framing)


Very tall service doors are required to access large skips used to bring ore to the surface inside a massive 31-story tall, poured concrete headframe. The skips and cage must be easily accessed for regular preventative maintenance as well as annual refurbishing service. Mounting such large, heavy doors to a concrete wall presented an additional engineering challenge when TNR was designing this heavy duty door solution.

Door Size & Quantity

Door Size & Quantity

16’-5” x 32’-10” North door
16’-5” x 42’-8” East door
32’-10” x 39’-5” West door

TNR Solution

Such an extremely tall door is only available as a rubber roll-up door, a fabric door or a blade door. A large fabric door is just not durable enough in this rugged mining environment. A blade door, although very durable, requires a larger footprint and more maintenance. A TNR rubber roll-up door is a simple yet extremely durable design that can be built tall enough to accommodate these service doorways. Since 2006, Oyu Tolgoi has installed over 40 TNR rubber doors on many of its mine’s operations buildings where the doors have proven their reliability and long service life in a rugged environment.

The poured concrete structure on which the doors had to be mounted provided an additional engineering challenge. The largest West door weighs almost 10 metric tonnes! So, a safe and reliable fastening method was needed in place of the usual steel frame welding. Working with Hilti, TNR designed the door to use Hilti Epoxy Anchors to safely secure the doors to the concrete doorways.

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