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Al Bigras

Al Bigras

After thirty-six years devoted to the high-performance door industry, our top selling Regional Sales Manager, Al Bigras is retiring, effective November 1st, 2021.

Al began his career in the high-performance door industry in 1984 with Copper Cliff Doors, later changing its name to M & I Doors. Beginning with M & I on the shop floor, Al progressed to production supervisor. Later, Al jumped at the opportunity when a new inside sales position came up at M & I. With this introduction into the sales side of the business, Al was a quick learner who, armed with his technical knowledge and experience of the rubber doors, quickly learned the ropes of the high-performance door market.

After M & I was bought-out by Albany and moved to the US, Al joined a new start-up rubber door company called Break-Away Doors as the outside sales representative. As the face of the Break-Away Doors, Al had great success in building strong dealer relationships that, when the up-and-coming TNR Industrial Doors bought-out Break-Away, continued on as part of TNR’s growing dealer network.

As TNR’s top selling RSM for several years, Al’s success in generating new market segments beyond mining was key to growing the rubber door market. This has set up TNR for continued opportunity in the parking and property management segments, allowing our future growth to include recreating additional urban markets as Al has successfully done in Toronto and Montreal. Similarly, Al has had great success in developing new business in the public transit segment with significant business realized with TTC in Toronto as well as in other municipal transit facilities in Ontario.

Al is recognized in the industry for his tremendous efforts and success over the years in growing our business in the door industry. As a TNR regional sales manager for over fifteen years, Al has built a substantial network of loyal dealers, many of whom have become good friends and formed strong partnerships.

“I would like to thank each and everyone of you for all your help over the years! The only way that I could succeed over these 35 years was through your efforts. I have worked with many of you for decades, you are like family to me and I wish you all the best!”

Although we are sad to see Al leave, we are very excited for his next chapter. Al and his wife have both been working for over thirty-five years and they have decided they want to retire while they are still young and healthy and able to best enjoy their retirement years.

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